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Guildhall Diamonds Inc., Specializes in the sale of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds that are also commonly known as Colored Diamonds. This high-end luxury product sales company needed top quality photos of their unique and prized collection of rare and beautiful diamonds.

Guildhall is proud to show off their updated website that now includes superior high-resolution digital photography that brings to light the brilliance of these highly sought after gems.

Jeremy Wiseman Co-Founder and Vice President of Guildhall Diamonds Inc. said the research to find the best photographer and various methods to shoot the rare and valuable diamonds took several years. “We have worked with several photographers over the years but no one could capture the true likeness, beauty and color that match our standard of excellence”.

With a lot of dedication, research and hands on experience we have finally developed a process that ensures each diamond is photographed in a sophisticated manner that best represents the true beauty and likeness of these one of a kind stones.

Wiseman believes it is essential that Guildhall provide all of their own proprietary high-end digital photography to ensure clients searching on their website have an accurate resemblance of the real diamonds appearance.

Guildhall Diamonds Inc. owns each and every diamond in this fabulous collection. At this level of both luxury asset and conceptual sales Paul Wiseman knows transparency is paramount in information, knowledge and pricing.

You can appreciate diamonds for their beauty and meaning, for their treasure and worth. And to experience a rare colored diamond in person is a great thing, as a bystander to see its best attributes enlarged to great detail is a very special treat for potential investors, photographers, media and general public.

As President of this gem of a company ‘Paul Wiseman’ feels that each one of the diamonds are a true work of art and the photography and original images are just as valuable to regular customers and potential buyers. The high quality photography only adds to the increase in appeal of these beautiful and rare color diamonds. Paul says the key fundamentals in purchasing investment grade diamonds are in the color, the rarity, and limit of supply, track record and investor demand. Learn more about color diamonds and check out or speak to one of their highly skilled Guildhall representatives call Toll-Free 1-866-274-9570.

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Guildhall Diamonds

colored diamonds

Guildhall Diamonds

News For Guildhall Diamonds: Nicole Snitman dubbed queen of ‘colored diamonds’ is proud to announce the new definitive online destination place for diamonds. is a leader in this luxury sales market.

Learn more about diamonds and colored diamonds in the next edition of Money Magazine.

Guildhall Diamonds

colored diamonds

The Mortgage Killer – Debt Reduction Mortgage Elimination

The Mortgage Killer Seminar Wednesday Nov. 13 2013

Media Release: News for “The Mortgage Killer” Mortgage Seminar Toronto Airport Marriott.

November is Financial Literacy Month here is your chance to learn more about mortgages and debt financing from a 40 year veteran that knows more, tells all and shows the dedicated few that want the facts, the proof and the truth about mortgages, financing, interest rates and contracts.

“The average Canadian pays too much interest”.

Charles S. Bell covers the basics and deals with the serious issues of debt reduction and mortgage elimination with tried and true methods that have proved to make, save and preserve millions of hard earned dollars for the average Canadian over the many years working with one client at a time.

Join “The Mortgage Killer” for a one night only in NOVEMBER pre-scheduled Mortgage Seminar at The Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel on Wednesday November 13, 2013 at 7:15 pm.

The small print is put into precise focus and the fuzzy math that most people don’t read or understand is carefully interpreted and explained for the benefit, privilege and advantage of the average Canadian.

There are so many variables and offerings that have can have many complex issues when it comes to money, credit and financial contracts and obligations. Finally it is the person and the circumstance with best case scenarios and forward moving plans that make for a more enjoyable home ownership and balanced life.

An excellent source for an Investment Seminar or Financial Seminar this Real Estate Seminar is brought to you by MONEY at no cost or low-cost as a valuable education worthy course and money saving Mortgage Seminar.

Learn more… R.S.V.P. Register online or call to attend!
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 7:15 pm
1-800-789-1011 x227

Mortgage Seminar – 416 GTA – 905 THE MORTGAGE KILLER

The Mortgage Killer – Mortgage Seminar – September 11 Toronto Airport Marriott


Charles Bell - Mortgage Killer

The Mortgage Killer

Do you know what day it is – Hump Day, in the middle of the week a best time and place to make saving money in 2014 the priority.

Wednesday September 11th, 2013 at Toronto Airport Marriott 7:30 pm a night easy to remember and hard to forget. Charles S. Bell invites you to a top quality – highly regarded Canadian Real Estate Seminar worthy of your time and effort to there and get ahead.

Mortgage Seminar: Charles Bell invites you to learn more about “You and Your Money”.

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